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With what’s been happening in recent years with police and the power they abuse I was thinking how to change the system.

I have some ideas that can change a number of way things work.

1: Create a law that will now hold an officer responsible for anyone injured or killed with his or her weapon, if you or I shot anyone we would be in jail. Self defense or not. We would also need a special court just for officers so they will actually receive a trial, and based on the evidence will be proven either innocent or guilty. And if proven guilty no more LENIENT sentencing. Whether you’re an officer or not we are a the same under the law. Justice is blind.

2: All Police in the United States need to be retrained. Let us assume none of them have a decent amount of training since most cases of homicide with police involve the use of firearms, before even the use of a taser or a grapple hold. They would all be required need to be mentally reevaluated. Hot heads have no place on the streets. A good attitude and a cool demeanor are what don’t escalate situations.

3: Monitoring. Police officers are public servants. Taxes pay for THEIR jobs. But since there are so many complaints, abuses, and murders that are unrecorded and all we ever seem to believe is the story of the ones in uniform. We can’t ever just believe one side when there are known cases of brutality. Police are humans just like you and I and are just as capable of lying. Power will go to anyone’s head. So constant monitoring is what is best for public relations between officers and civilians. Any film that is deleted before it is examined by outside investigators should automatically be determined as a felony, and said individuals that tampered with evidence and should be arrested. If there is no money for budget that big there are one of two options: we either cut back our military spending which is in the millions or we stop bailing out certain fat cats on Wall Street.

We are all the same under the eyes of the law. Laws are an agreement of people put together so we all follow them, so no one person is “better” off than the rest. Our laws teach us that fighting is wrong. Fighting equals jail time. So if we can’t fight, why can THEY shoot?


photographs i took in paris 2002

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youre gonna look so goddamn cool

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This was on the news today, are you kidding me?

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Charles Bukowski

we have come
so far
and gone
we have lived
so long
at all.
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